Metropolis Philanthropic Foundation is a non-governmental and non-profit foundation, with Romanian legal personality, which was established on the 16th of February 2007. Its activity objective is focused on the protection of children temporarily or permanently separated from their parents and outlines their integration into the society and community. The foundation supports children in difficulty in order to prevent the family abandonment and school leaving and with a view to encourage and support children’s right to education and to appreciate their performances. Also, the Metropolis Philanthropic Foundation involves in the support of older people, while building social centres for them.

We believe that every action is watched by God - which is the reason why the foundation encourages and supports the Romanian Orthodox Church in carrying out its charitable actions and for the building of cult halidoms. Every person needs support in terms of social environment and every man should be made available space and time for his soul.

Metropolis Philanthropic Foundation has been set up to support children from Bucharest and from other counties who might come from:

  • Disrupted families,
  • Families under a precarious social and material condition.
  • homeless families, families where parents are experiencing relational issues caused by divorce proceedings, alcoholism, unemployment or medical issues


  • Center for Children’s Protection - "Home",
  • "Saint Prophet Ilie" Church
  • The Social Diaconal Orthodox Endowment "Saint Prophet Andrew"
  • Prevention of family abandonment and school leaving

The first humanitarian actions have targeted the support of orphans and abandoned children.
The persons that are presently members of the Governing Board of Metropolis Philanthropic Foundation met Suzanna Marsden in 2002, an English citizen who had come to Bucharest in 1996 at the age of 17, to work as a volunteer at the care homes in Romania. She had been working as a volunteer for almost 2 years (1997-1999). Suzanne was deeply impressed by things she had seen so far and by the profound need for supporting these children. Back in England she conceived a project for supporting children from Romania. Together with the team set up in England, named “Bord” (3 Englishmen and one Romanian) they were dealing with the raising of funds in order to support children from Romania. In 2000 they found an office building located in the 6th district where they began carrying out social activities. The construction works for the building located in Bucharest, on 47-53 Drumul Sabareni, 6th District commenced in 2002 and lasted for two years. The inauguration of the “HOME” Center for Children’s Protection took place on 21.12.2004. In February, 2007 MFF was established as a foundation and in June, 2008 was authorized in order to provide the following social services:

  • Identification and assessment of beneficiaries’ social needs;
  • Socialization spare time spending;
  • Social counselling and emotional support for the beneficiaries;
  • Psychological counselling for the child and/or family;
  • Provide information to beneficiaries on rights and obligations;
  • Material and financial support allocated to children in difficulty;
  • Emergency measures in order to reduce the effects of crises' situations;
  • Educational guidance.

The Beneficiaries of the Metropolis Philanthropic Foundation shall be offered the possibility, on an yearly basis, to go on holidays, either to the seaside or in the mountains. Through its humanitarian actions the Metropolis Philanthropic Foundation wishes to stand by those people who had a hard life.