Happy New Year 2014

Dec 23 2013


Many thanks to our sponsor VOX CARRIER for the joy brought to our kids this year also.

Another year passes and our friends stayed with us, thing that brings happiness to our hearts. Vox Carrier made dreams come true for the children here, bringing them joy and hope for a better life and making possible for us to have the best results with the projects we have here.

We thank the Vox Carrier team for all the support given to the Metropolis foundation and we wish them Happy Holidays!

Happy New Year 2014!

Teatru, dulce teatru!

Nov 11 2013

Proiectul "Teatru, dulce teatru! contribuie la promovarea teatrului
romanesc si a patrimoniului cultural in randul tinerei generatii.
Stimularea creativitatii artistice pentru formarea si dezvoltarea
tinerei generatii, organizarea de spectacole de teatru in cadrul
liceelor si promovarea activitatilor extracuriculare de acest fel sunt
obiectivele specifice si de importanta majora in dobandirea de cultura
generala de calitate.
Proiectul Teatru, dulce teatru!îsi propune dezvoltarea interesului
pentru teatru în rândul tinerilor prin organizarea unui eveniment: un
atelier sustinut de patru actori ce combina lectura si piesa de
teatru. Organizat cu ocazia implinirii a 160 de ani de la punerea in
scena pentru prima oara in Bucuresti a piesei „ Chirita in provincie”
de Vasile Alecsandri, acest spectacol reprezinta debutul dramaturgului
in repertoriul teatral bucurestean. Proiectul urmareste promovarea
importantei educatiei culturale si artistice în dezvoltarea tinerilor
si copiilor.

At the mountains

Oct 10 2013

The hike in the mountains was a pleasant and beautiful experience for the children.


Sep 30 2013

A wonderful trip to Strasbourg. The children were delighted when they saw the flag of our country in the European Parliament.

Sibiu city

Sep 29 2013


The children visited the wonderful city Sibiu and their favourite place was the Main Square in the old center of the city.

Xperiment! - Man and Life: interactive exhibition for children - French Institute

Sep 28 2013

Xperiment interactive exhibition L' Homme et la Vie ( DaVinci Learning ) is a scientific exhibition playfully designed primarily for children. The aim is to enable children to discover life in its various forms through thematic workshops about the animal world, the vegetal world, but also about the human body .

Using interactive models of microscopes, children were able to learn what is going on inside the human body. Moreover, children have learned to identify various plants and animals, and discover how they are adapted to the environment in which they live. 


The 15 workshops were: 

  • Parts of the human body
  • Human Torso
  • Skeleton Hand
  • Eye Model
  • Ear Model
  • Digestion
  • Animal view
  • Animal Sounds
  • Sunflower
  • Find the fossil
  • Video Microscope
  • Reaction time
  • Balance
  • Drawing in the mirror

     The activity was attended by Silviu Neagu, Alin Neagu and Pacala David, accompanied by Flori Mihalache and Adrian Gheorghe. They spent the afternoon discovering things about their body through interactive models provided by the organizers.


Children theatre play - seeking friendship

Sep 27 2013

In September, the Metropolis Foundation was host for a theatre play with educational themes. Messages of the play were chosen and implemented so that children absorb more easily the importance of friendship in life.


The lessons offered by the actors were understood by the public and everyone was amused by the funny way in which they were submitted. The actors used animated characters to provide additional comedy moments.


The artistic moment was very well received by the children, who went on and on about the moral of the play.

Train ride to the mountains

Sep 23 2013


Nothing compares to a train ride.

Metro manners

Sep 22 2013

Manieres Association held an event that promoted good manners at Victoria subway station through a play staged by high school students , volunteers from the association. The campaign was called: Discover the collection always in trend! and it was a success. From Metropolis Philanthropic Foundation attended the following children: Andreea Ion, Berbec Larisa, Pacala David, Bene Andreea, Alina Enache, Alin Neagu, Neagu Silviu, Gheorghe Adrian, accompanied by the teachers Flori Mihalache and Adrian Gheorghe .

Good manners were stationed at Platform 2 Victoria Square, University Square direction. The descent was made on the right side and we were invited to watch a theater play. When was this? On September the 22nd .

A non-conformist staging of good manners in public transport, illustrated by high school students for the first time on the subway. There were highlighted positive patterns of behavior in public transportation.

Ambasad'or Play

Sep 11 2013


On 11th of September 2013, Metropolis Philanthropic Foundation members gave up their shoes, school rules and restrictions and stepped into the world of The Ambassador Play (Aroma Street, no. 96) - Children's play center with 4 floors of adventure like in a book ! The playground is for children between 0 and 13 years.


This beautiful location of 4 floors take you from one world to another. They say it was designed by a Child’s Brain, colored by a wise mind and built by a master wizard! And we tend to think the same thing. Children were able to enjoy wide variety of games, they have been fascinated by the bright colors and unique sensations that they lived through the Ambasad'Or Play activities.


Games were seasoned with small moments of animation, in which magical characters have held a series of group games and the moment of maximum interest was the intervention of the Magician Robert Tudor, who fascinated with his numbers of magic and illusion. The children spent a full day in a colored story, perfect for different ages and preferences.

Costinesti Camp

Aug 07 2013

Between 08/07/2013 - 22/07/2013 Metropolis Foundation attended the summer camp in Costinesti . There were 22 children and six teachers. During the camp there were also volunteers playing with the children.


The children were accommodated properly and they had all the necessary conditions, food, medication, water, soft drinks, fruit and sweets.


Children’ programme was made based on weather conditions and the condition of children. Morning breakfast was at 07:30, beach programme, play time, lunch at 12:45, afternoon sleep, afternoon beach time, dinner, walks on the beach and play time.


During evening walk children served: pizza, pancakes, corn, anchovies, sweets, kebab, donner , lemonade, donuts, waffles.


The children were very excited about biking , they released beach lanterns, they chose to boat ride - especially when there were big waves.


Some days the children wanted to go on the beach at the edge of Costinesti, to a wild and clean beach with a beautiful landscape. The children were very happy, they explored the sea floor, they found crabs, shells and beautiful stones.


They played beach volleyball, beach football, various water games, Monopoly, Backgammon and ball games on the grass.

Second Terra Park trip

Jul 26 2013

On Friday, the 26th of July 2013, a group of 6 children from Metropolis Philanthropic Foundation, together with two teachers and a volunteer, spent the afternoon at Terra Park, the amusement park near the foundation. This small trip was seen as a reward for the good behavior they had a week before, in the summer camp at Costinesti.


The children could enjoy the park’s attractions, at their own choice. They loved the carrousels and electric cars. Most of all, they enjoyed the water slides, choosing them twice and even three times.



Terra Park is the perfect place for children, but also for adults. Everything is colored and designed for the need of fun, no matter the age.


The children involved in the activity: Bolboceanu Petre, Neagu Alin, Ion Andreea, Spirache Costel, Cujba Niki and Pacala David. They were supervised by Flori Mihalache and Gheorghe Adrian.

Terra Park Trip

Jun 27 2013

On Thursday, the 27th of June 2013, a group of 6 children from Metropolis Philanthropic Foundation, together with two teachers and a volunteer, spent the afternoon at Terra Park, the amusement park near the foundation. This small trip was seen as a reward for the good grades that the children had in the last school year.


The children could enjoy the park’s attractions, at their own choice. They loved the carrousels and electric cars. Most of all, they enjoyed electric cars, choosing them twice.


Terra Park is the perfect place for children, but also for adults. Everything is colored and designed for the need of fun, no matter the age.


The children involved in the activity: Nicolae Ana-Maria, Ghita Giulia, Neagu Silviu, Cujba Alex, Emanuel Decebal si Grigoras Ionut. They were supervised by Flori Mihalache, Gheorghe Adrian and Irina Grosu (volunteer).

Children's Day

Jun 01 2013

On 1st of June2013, at the Metropolis Philanthropic Foundation was organized a party for Children's Day and Sponsor's Day. There were invited sponsors of the foundation, beneficiars, foundation staff and friends of children.
Children from the FFM center enjoyed many activities organized outside. They enjoyed most the slides and inflatable mattresses.
There was also a barbeque and all people there served delicious meals and juice, fruit, cakes and more. 

Children prepared an artistic moment: poems and songs for sponsors and other persons present.
It was a day on which the children made new friends and they will always remember it with great pleasure.

Unirea Mine - Slanic Prahova

May 02 2013

On the 2nd of May 2013, Metropolis Foundation organized a trip with the children who had a good behaviour and got good grades in school.
The trip was held at Slanic Prahova, the children visited the Unirea Mine and after that they spent the afternoon in a glade on a picnic near the salt mountain.
The atmosphere was nice and the children felt really good. At the picnic, they played, they gathered flowers, they sang and they admired the rural area near Slanic City.


Apr 07 2013


A dream walk through Bruxelles.

Click here for all the photos.


Brasov Trip

Apr 06 2013

On the 6th of April 2013, a part of the children of Metropolis Foundation enjoyed a trip in the mountain at Brasov City.  
They spent time playing in open air and visiting a few touristic points: Black Church, the main square, the old center of the city.
Click here for all the photos.


Santa Claus came with VOX CARRIER

Dec 13 2012

Pending the Christmas on 13 of December more than 60 children from “ACASA FOUNDATION “ presented a lovely and such a great Christmas show called “ Home Again “.
This celebration started with a few traditional wishes followed by carols, theater plays, pantomimes, dances and poems - which brought applause for kids and many smiles on everybody's faces.

Previously, children sent letters to Santa Claus, asking him to come and visit them.
Surprisingly, Santa Claus did come during the show bringing gifts and joy for every child, keeping the Christmas spirit alive.

A huge surprise was when VOX CARRIER team donated the amount of 17000 RON and announced that they would continue supporting institutionalized children through visits, volunteer and financial support.
Thank you VOX CARRIER for bringing Santa Claus and Thank you for supporting orphans in 2013!.


Apr 25 2009

Like every year, Fundatia Filantropica Metropolis has organized a special anniversary for all righteous people, who helped the children protected by FFM.

On April 25th, 2009 the Children Protection Center Acasa hosted a barbeque, where all sponsors that helped us to develop our social projects, namely the Acasa Center and the Support and Conciliation Center for Parents and Children, were invited.

The event could be organized thanks to the Protection Service that too a lot of efforts for the development of this project.


Apr 19 2009

All of us feel fascinated when Easter Holiday is coming. We wish we would be better, more charitable, more loving, bearing in our soul the light that our Savior Jesus Christ has sent us. We celebrate Easter each year, but it is always felt as the first time. The children are the ones who enjoy the most such holy day, as they are warm and loving souls who know how to show us the Divine Love, in their own way.
Around the Easter Holiday, the Philanthropic Foundation Metropolis and "Sfantul Prooroc Ilie" Church, as each year, wished to be close to the homeless, children and old persons who are forsaken and whose incomes are practically inexistent.
Along with them, the children form "Acasa" Centre for Child Protection enjoyed the Easter Holiday, as they were visited by kind-hearted people from the Security and Guard Service, who came with all sorts of presents for them.

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