This represents another part on which we consider we have to focus our efforts very seriously. These young people are not more not less than the future of a society that we are building together now. We certainly need competent people, who should be helped to polish and fructify their creative genius. Soon, there will be us the ones who will benefit, directly or indirectly, by their knowledge. Some of these endowed children come back to their country. Others remain abroad for good. But in the end they are Romanians and they represent us in any part of the world, and many of them find in time a way to pay back the services the Romanian society did to them.

Andi Panait

Andi, born in Calarasi municipality, county of Calarasi is another young man, whom Metropolis Philanthropic Foundation has supported since 2000 until now. He is an ambitious young man, who has succeeded in becoming famous both in the country and abroad. After graduating the “Nichita Stanescu” High school, he participated in a great deal of majoring courses, such as:
• Major in cosmetics and Esthetics – Christine Valmy;
• Make up – Milano;
• Technician trainer in the field of nail technique: Paris, Milano, Budapest and London;

Andi PanaitHe participated in the contest on the nail technique "OPI Creative Name Design", where he was awarded on behalf of Romania the following prizes:
• Special prize for acrylic nail technique;
• Special prize for acrylic nail technique;
• Artistic design.

He was awarded another prize of "Trainer of the year" by TLP Management.


Adrian He is from Focsani. He finished his studies at “Unirea” National High School in that town, and during his studies there he participated to many competitions of Mathematics, both in the country and abroad. We mention that from every international competition he came back with a medal. Out of which we enumerate: the bronze medal at the “Balkan Mathematics Olympiad” and the golden medal and the special price of the jury at the “Tuymaada International Olympiad” in 2002 and the second price at the “International Mathematics Competition for University Students” – 2003. Being still in high school, as a result of his father’s death, Adi could not continue his studies. Adrian In this situation, his Maths teacher, who had been paying special attention to him and who admired him very much, got involved in order to help him finish his studies. So, for Adi, there was organized an auction, in the TV show “Good evening” of TVR 1 channel. The Metropolis Philanthropic Foundation, by its representative, watched that show and wanted to help this young man until he finished his studies. This way he studied at the Faculty of Mathematics in Bucharest, and after that he was admitted to (after a training year at "Lycée Louis le Grand") the famous "Ecole Normale Supérieure”, in 2005. The first year he got his Master 1 degree, doing more university years in one year and astonishing his professors by his knowledge. This year he has started the courses for Master 2.


He was born in a family with strong religious traditions. His father is a priest in the town of Targoviste at the “Stolnicul” church and his mother is a religion teacher, at “Mihai Viteazul” secondary school, and one of his brothers studies at the Theological Seminary from the same town. In 2002 he graduated the secondary school, getting the first price every year. Then he studied at the Theological Seminary, graduating the fist year with the 1st price, too. This way he got a scholarship in Greece at the “Saint Kiril and Metodiu” Theological Seminary of Kilkis, which he graduated in 2006. Even there he also got the 1st price. At present he is a student at the Faculty of Theology in Thessaloniki. As they have heard about his desire to continue his studies in Greece and have seen his aspirations, the Metropolis Philanthropic Foundation wanted to offer support to this young man in this respect.


Vlad He is surprising by his polyvalence. A Romanian born in America, he lived for 4 years in Budapest. In Carlsoad – California, he graduated “The Army and Navy Academy” in 2003. Immediately after that he was accepted to the “International Business School” in Budapest, a subsidiary of “Oxford Brooks University” – Bachelor of Arts (honours) in Business Studies with Specialization in Finance”. During this period he worked as an assistant of the European president of the “Judo International Federation”. As such he took part at the organization of several national championships, world championships, grand prix and grand slams in this domain. We mention that at present he has got 2 dan in karate and 1 dan in judo. He also had great contributions, ever since 1999, to advertising, coordinating and realizing the conception and the graphics of brochures, CDs, DVDs, websites, etc. For all these results, the Metropolis Philanthropic Foundation supported him until he finished his studies.