We had downfalls too


The Cazac Family
The Cazac Family represents a social case met by the Metropolis Philanthropic Foundation which did not succeed in completely achieving its social integration.

When we met them they were desperate. They lived in an improvised facility built up between two external walls belonging to two separate houses located in Bucharest, 80 Viitorului Street, 2nd sector. The room, which did not exceed the 3/3 square meters, was improper both from a sanitary point of view and in terms of preservation of health and from the point of view of the space provided to the six-member family. The mother of the 6 children has been imposed a penalty in 2004 for traffic in persons and has been doing her time in Targsor Penitenciary ever since.

The sight of the 6 persons, adults and children altogether, huddling into such a small room and living in poverty and rejection, in darkness and indifference was outrageous.

On the 27th of November, 2008, Mr. Cazac George together with his 5 little girls: Ioana – aged 12, Florentina – Bianca aged 9, Speranta – aged 7, Alina – aged 5 and Ana- Maria aged 3, was brought by the intervention team of the Metropolis Foundation within "Closer to people" Center of “Bethel Shelter” Foundation. It was there that they experienced, for the first time, a normal living.

The family has been taken care of. The documents required have been submitted and medical services have been provided to them. Basic normal sanitary standards have been implemented to the family and living norms, as close as possible to those applied by our society, have been taught. The Cazac family benefited from the necessary support and the Metropolis Philanthropic Foundation borne the costs of food, medicines, medical assistance, clothes and maintenance.

The Cazac family has another daughter, Elena, aged 15, who split up with her family and is currently living with her boyfriend, in Bucharest.

The Cazac family lived in the "Closer to people" care facility until the 20th of December, 2007 when the Foundation purchase a three-room apartment in Campina, Prahova county. The apartment was made available for living.

The little girls and their father have been living in the apartment ever since, without having to worry about daily necessities. The apartment has been provided with basic appliances in order to live a normal live. But the activities carried out by the Foundation were accompanied by the support provided for the purpose of social inclusion.

Part of the children went to the kindergarten. The others were integrated into an educational unit. To this end, measures have been taken at the level of the Territorial School Inspectorate and of the General Department for Child Protection. An employment opportunity is being searched for Mr. George Cazac so that he could take on the responsibilities for rising and educating his children but meanwhile evidence has been submitted that Mr. George Cazac had no intention to work according to a legal frame. The Foundation employed a person in order to take care of the Family while Mr. Cazac should have been at work. Unfortunately, Mr. Cazac did not succeed to integrate and came back to his old habits.

In August, the Cazac family left. Mr. Cazac took all his children and for that reason deprived them of their right to a better life!