Home Center
Its purpose is to train the families who can offer affection and care to the abandoned children or even the children’s reintegration in their biological families. Until a compatible family can be found or when the fostering is not successful, the centre continues to take care of the children, as long as it is necessary, until they reach the adult age. Here they are offered food, clothes, education, affection and everything they need to integrate them in the Romanian society. At “Home Center” the children have their own living place, a real home, where they have a dining room, bedrooms, playgrounds, a swimming pool and sport fields. It has a capacity of 24 children, aged from 7 to 16, divided into 3 modules. The children the biological family or the extended family cannot take care of have the opportunity to be placed in foster families. This way they have the chance to benefit of a family atmosphere and to be fully integrated in the society. In order to achieve this kind of fostering, the “Home Center” recruits, trains and hires foster parents.

The history of this centre has its roots in the voluntary service at the fostering centres of Mrs. Suzanna Marsden, English citizen, who worked as a voluntary in Romania for almost 2 years. She was touched by what she could see here and by the great need of help for these children.

So, together with a team that she formed there, named Bord, (3 English citizen and a Romanian), she conceived this project to help the children in Romania - the International Foundation for Children Romania (IFCR) - founded in 1999, which first started its activity in the district 2 of Bucharest, in a rented house, with two rooms, a kitchen, a toilet, helping only 3 children.

After a year they moved out to a building in the district 6 of Bucharest, because their activity had started to extend, and the number of children who were offered help was growing. In 2002 they started building the present establishment of the “Home Center”. This construction took 2 years, and on 24 December 2004 there was the inauguration of the Center for Children’s Protection “HOME”. Module 1 was open in 2004 with a number of 8 children. In 2006 the second module was open with a total number of 16 children. In January 2007 the 3rd module was open, having a number of 19 children protected by the Center.