Mihu Family
Constantin and Cristina Mihu are living in Focsani. Mihaela, aged 13, their elder daughter, is almost completely paralysed.

She is always sitting in the invalid chair and she has serious eyes and vision problems On the other hand, the little sisters of the family Alina Daniela, aged 12 and Laura, aged 8, are healthy but still suffering from congenital Mistagmus (congenital cataracts) at both eyes.

Therefore, the girls could barely see: "We called on several physicians in Focsani, our home town, but nobody was interested, says Mihaela Mihu. They always showed indifference for our condition.

At the same time we took a loan at RCB and were deeply indebted. Subsequent to the television coverage about our family, appearing on screen at Prima TV, we had been contacted the following day by a representative of Mr. Maticiuc.

The two little girls, Alina and Laura were immediately brought to Bucharest and had the surgery at Witing Hospital. The operation was carried out by Doctor Mihai Cociu, a remarkable person who raised no claims.

For Laura the long-expected results have not been noticed so far. But a miracle happened for Alina". "After the operation I could see the light, much light", says Alina. "Now I can read. Letters are a lot bigger. I feel very well and I want to have the second eye operated"


The Paliuc family

Both spouses are living in Maneuti village, the county of Suceava. They are suffering from a serious locomotor disability.

The man has both legs amputated subsequent to certain abnormalities of the locomotor system from birth. The woman is walking by means of prosthesis after a train accident occurred when she was 16. She lost her legs in the accident.

The housekeeping is mostly carried out without the help of artificial limbs, only by dragging her body out. That is how she succeeds in making a living and increasing the small amount received as handicapped pension. Sometimes she works for her neighbours when the opportunity arises.

They have a daughter, Adelina, aged 7. Her mother's wish is to see her graduate from Radauti high school with God's help. "On Saint Nicholas Day the coverage about us was broadcasted by Pro TV News. This is how I was reached. The Metropolis Philanthropic Foundation gave us money, writing materials, clothes and borne other significant expenses. We would not have thought that somebody might care. We have been living on the small pension so far and on the work carried out in the garden. I put off my artificial limb and walk on my back to plant an onion, a potato for living".