It is an annex of the Saint Ilie Church, in the Nicolae Grigorescu district. The endowment project is in fact a retirement home. The Foundation’s purpose is to shelter here the people who are not received in the specialized centres because of their too low pensions, so that they cannot afford to pay the minimum monthly expenses. “There are many foundations with very good intentions that started with serious financing but that got stuck in the way and they could not accomplish their goal.” It is the opinion of the priest Costescu. “Because we want our socio-diaconat endowment not to have the same fate, we have envisaged building a medical centre at the entrance, which we could let. With the money from the rental we could support the endowment. Furthermore, the old people could have medical assistance just next to them. We should not forget that the church always got involved in the problems of the society. The first hospitals were founded by Saint Vasile the Great and they were called “vasiliade” or “illness places”. And there is also a saying, which is true. When we get born, in fact we start dying little by little".