We always help somebody for a reason. It is either the conscience motivating us or the feeling of kindness and involvement in activities that we really enjoy. The most important thing is to give the persons near us a push in the right direction. And if we are not helping out due to our mood we should be doing it due to our reason. A society that assumes responsibility for the maintenance and support of its today's children shall become a safer society tomorrow. Any less homeless child means a saved child, delivered to society. By helping a child your pretty life might become a life full of blessings. By giving you will contribute to a safer future for these children. Moreover, each flower bud deserves the chance to turn into a flower. Each gosling deserves the chance to turn into a graceful swan. Worried about a child? Can we deprive them of their right to a decent life? If we cannot maintain the hope of older people and leave God die why living in a world suppressed by egoism? We are sometimes persuaded that we could do a lot better but we need your support.

Join us! Together we shall work as a strong team and the good will be received ten times more by those in trouble!